About American Made Products

We believe that if enough of us buy American we can boost the US economy, increase American jobs, create better working conditions, and help the environment. Our goal is to provide you with many options for products made in the USA and keep the list as accurate as possible.

Today more than ever it's important to support local American businesses so that we may all get through these upcoming economic uncertainties.

By being proactive and making an effort to buy American whenever possible we give ourselves and the economy the best opportunity to survive and thrive.

Provide Jobs for American Workers
Purchasing more American made goods will in turn lead to more American manufacturing and more employment opportunities for our domestic workforce.
Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
One thing you can be sure of is the attention to detail and pride that American manufacturers put into their products, you won't find this in many foreign pop-up shops.
Better for the Environment
Because these products are made right here in our own backyards less transportation resources are spent getting them to their final destinations. This is good for us and good for the environment we live in.
Manufactured in Safe Working Conditions
Workplace safety policies and standards are always at the forefront of American manufacturing. Buying "sweat shop" goods from overseas only enables these outfits to continue to take advantage of their "employees".
Help Grow and Strengthen the US Economy
By having the top economy in the world we in turn attract more businesses to want to operate here because our people have more money to spend. The more money and jobs we send overseas the faster we will see a decrease in all of these benefits.

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